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The Story of La Purísima and La Gritería

"The Spanish colonizers brought Catholicism and traditional religious celebrations to Central America. With fervor and piety, the native populations embraced Mary as their Patron Saint and church ceremonies were adopted and modified to mix with the native culture. There does not appear to be any one definitive history of how the veneration of Mary became a cultural custom in Nicaragua. The story is pieced together from a variety of explanations but tells us that the veneration of Mary began in 1562. Her image came to the village of El Viejo, carried by Pedro Alonso Sanchez de Zepeda y Ahumada, the brother of Saint Teresa of Avila, while traveling to Peru. Forced to remain while a tropical storm passed, he placed the statue of Mary in the local basilica. News of the image traveled through the region and many natives came see, pray, and worship the image. When Don Pedro departed, people traveled to the port to say goodbye to the beautiful image.  A new storm forced his return, and …